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Four Session LinkedIn Insurance Masterclass Details...
Below is everything that's included!
  • FOUR (4) Session Training of IMPLEMENTATION…as outlined Above ($3997 Value)
  • ENTIRE Process We USE to Gain Thousands of Prospects and Turn them into leads from LinkedIn… ($997 Value)
  • BONUS #1: The Ultimate Insurance Referral Machine  ($197 Value)
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  • BONUS #3: Creating a Flawless Marketing Campaign Training & resources  ($397 Value)
  • Bonus #4: Follow Up & Close Masterclass Training: ($997 Value) 

Justin (Captive Agent)Kentucky

"I LOVE the Matrix that tells prospects not to buy apples to apples. That's been helpful with prospects and current customers alike. I've been using the 3 W's with annual reviews and it's catchy enough that people don't put up their guard like they do when we come right out and say "Do you have life insurance?"

Dennis (Agency Owner) Florida

I am enjoying your processes, thank you. The Marketing Materials Alone are a stroke of genius!

Brein (Agency Owner) New York

You grabbed my interest, so much more than BGI or Mike Janus's marketing program. You condensed hours of work into a few minutes of time, for that I appreciate your time and efforts!!! 

Jaime (Agent/Serial Entrepreneur) Alabama

"Making our agencies successful in the current environment is going to require out of the box thinking like Joe provides! I can't wait to dive into anything else you come up with...!"

Chris (Fastest Growing Scratch Agent) Washington

"Joe's a GENIUS! The innovative marketing along with the low-cost way to get leads created more policy growth and a ton less expense for my office! I would recommend Joe's programs for ANY agent whether they are brand new to the business or not!"

Marie (Agency Owner) New Jersey

"I ordered yesterday and stayed late to view the videos. I know I will be using it!
More shocking was the way in which I can access leads. This was worth the cost of admission!
I can't wait to implement - I am sick of being robbed by internet lead companies. "

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